Elmore marketing at work

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One of the red flags about the whole Elmore Oil thing is that the marketing hype and anecdotal evidence is clearly more important to the vendors than demonstrating efficacy via some basic testing.

The marketing machine obviously scours the internet, and has tracked down this humble little blog. One of the responses to my original article gave me chapter and verse on the magic substance, but didn’t really address the issues I raised, about demonstrating efficacy, so my bullshit antennae started twitching and I didn’t publish it immediately. Rather, I emailed the (anonymous) sender to inquire whether they had any connection to Elmore Oil. Needless to say, I have not received a response.

Anyway, here it is – you be the judge – comment or sales pitch?

I also heard about Elmore Oil and bought it for my mother. I also suffer from regular neck pains (from my ear to my shoulder) and decided to try it myself to see if I get any relielf. I’m 43 years old.

It had an immediate effect (by that I would say within less than half an hour). Unless I remind myself of the pain I would say that I would forget that I had the pain. I use computers 8-10Hours a day, so for me that’s fantastic.

Just a note it is now probably 2 hours after I applied the oil, and I did not saturate the oil all over my neck, I applied approx 4 dabs on my finger then rubbed it down from the bottom of my ear to the top of my left shoulder.

Because it’s natural and easy to apply and not smelly, I’ll keep using it if it keeps working.

To me, the instructions for use (‘apply 4 dabs to the finger….’ etc), and the handy summary at the end (‘natural, easy to apply, and not smelly’) are dead giveaways. Actually, this would make a good brochure – the writer should consider a career in advertising.

In the mean time dear Elmorites, please don’t insult me again with your disingenuous drivel.


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