Technology for sinners

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Well, here’s another attempt to tart up religion with science, or at least technology.

The cliché of ‘there’s an app for that’ is now ingrained into our collective psyche, and this development serves only to reinforce that.

It’s a confession app for the iPhone, but I’m not quite sure how it’s really supposed to work. Does it feed you with the right words to ensure the big guy understands you? Or does it replace the priest in the process? It appears that one takes the phone into the confessional to use it, so I guess priests shouldn’t be surprised if his request for the confessor to ‘say a gazillion hail marys…’ is interrupted by the crazy frog song, followed by ‘Sorry father, I’ll just take this’.

Whatever happens, it apparently results in an examination of one’s conscience – something I suspect most people could do without software support.

Next week I’ll be reviewing an app designed to streamline your passage through the Pearly Gates, by ensuring you have the appropriate greeting protocols handy.

I don’t think I’ll ever be needing it though, do you?.


One thought on “Technology for sinners

    Deck-chairs on the Titanic? « rationalbrain said:
    March 17, 2011 at 1:50 pm

    […] the reasons for the changes, if agreement cannot be reached, I suggest that they consult their iPhone app as the authoritative reference –  after all, there’s no higher authority and Steve […]

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