Assessing Snake Oil

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Every day we are confronted with all sorts of remedies, potions, and feel-good supplements, and it’s a constant challenge to do the research to assess the efficacy and/or safety of these things.

In searching for information on Goji Juice, I found this handy reference  called ‘Snake Oil II’ which attempts to summarise our knowledge on the various concoctions out there, and provides links to other documentation.  You’ll still need to follow the links, buts it’s a neat launching point.

Oh, and what did I learn about Goji Juice? There is no available evidence for any efficacy, BUT, there are interactions with several common medicines. For example, it has been found to counteract the intended effect of Warferen, a blood thinning agent, and therefore could contribute to clotting. A useful thing to know, right?


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