Good One, Andrew Bolt

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Ok Andrew, by now your google alert has brought you to this little article, and you’re curious about what some non-entity has to say about you, right?

Well, I just wanted to let you know that I’ve seen through your disguise. Yes, I know you present a version of yourself which is illogical, ill-informed, irritating and irrational (is that too many i’s? I may have to pay royalties to Apple). I know that you cultivate this view of yourself as your public persona, but I believe that privately you are a thoughtful, clear-thinking analyst with a firm grip on reality.

But it must be said, you do a wonderful job of your public persona. Your incisive analysis presented to those intrepid folk who pop out to pick up their Herald Sun and pack of ciggies, on the way to the TAB, is perfectly crafted for the intended readership. You whip them up so thoroughly, they can hardly focus on Race 3 at Flemington. You tell them what they need to know so clearly – for example,  that climate change is just crap – and you ought to know since, well, you’re Andrew Bolt, and not 10,000 climate scientists. You tell them that there was no stolen generation, and you ought to know since, well, you’re Andrew Bolt, and not some poor ‘abo’ living off ‘our’ taxes. You tell them that there are no problems at all with nuclear energy, that Chernobyl was a beat up, and you ought to know since, well, you’re Andrew Bolt, and not an engineer or one of the ‘intrepid 50’ currently trying to douse boiling uranium cores in Japan who will probably end up with nasty radiation damage in  order to save tens of thousands of people from the same fate. And while I haven’t personally heard it, you’ve possibly also told them that the holocaust didn’t happen either, and that Hitler was misunderstood, and that he was good for the economy due to the extra gold he put on the market. If you haven’t told them that one yet, then please do – it’s a perfect fit for you.

You even take your persona up a notch for the benefit of those latte-sipping, namby-pamby lefties on the occasional appearance on Insiders or Q&A. And I just love your style. No really. The confidence with which you present your arguments is enough to turn fiction into reality, and the tactic of simply yelling louder than anyone else to really make the point, is just debating genius. Facts be damned. I love in particular every time you manage to work the dispossessed into the conversation. “Oh yeah? Name ten.” Pure genius AB.

No, it’s quite a performance, I’m sure of it. No one, with so little in the way of expertise or experience in well, anything, could be so confident and outspoken otherwise.

Could they?


One thought on “Good One, Andrew Bolt

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