Religion in schools – Access Ministries uncovered

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In response to my recent post on this (now long-running) subject, I received a couple of interesting comments. It seems the movement against is already significant, and growing. Rather than leave my correspondent’s comment languishing in the comments thread, I’ll post it here front and centre.

Correspondent: Blamer

Keep digging, it gets worse.

Bishop Stephen Hale – chairman of Victoria’s RE vendor, ACCESS Ministries – is the founder of the biblically literalist “Arrow” program.
Parents, are in need of a wake up call.
These aren’t the kind of enthusiastic volunteers you want to leave playing ‘teacher’ in the middle of the school day. They take 96% of the classes, but Australia is over 30% non-christian.
Are christians going to stand up for minorities by ejecting these evangelists from Aussie public schools?
• Please write a letter of asking for reform of the practice of SRI law in Victoria to our Premier, the Minister for Education, Hon Martin Dixon, and your own local member

Please write to your local School Principal and School Council President to voice your support changing the unfair policy of SRI and ask that religion be taught in an way that educates children about all religions, not single faith instruction.

It’s worth having a look at the Arrow group information to help understand the motives of Access Ministries, which I questioned in my previous post. Clearly they have an interest in appearing benign and helpful as seen by the quote provided by their spokesman, again in the previous post. However, this is clearly a PR ploy only, and their mission is far more invasive.

I normally scoff at conspiracy theories, but this sure smells like one – a group covertly infiltrating primary schools for the purposes of pushing their particular take on religion.

Watch this space.


3 thoughts on “Religion in schools – Access Ministries uncovered

    Blamer .. said:
    April 7, 2011 at 6:12 pm

    The Age today:

    Academics call for review of school religious teaching

    “RELIGIOUS education in state schools must be replaced by a multifaith version that includes different ethical traditions and be taught by trained teachers rather than volunteers, says a new network of academics…”

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