Tim Hawkes – What are you on?

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I’m not asking your salary Tim – I’m asking what hallucinogen you’ve been taking.

SURELY you’ve been misquoted in this article.

If the article has quoted you accurately, you have a breath-taking gall, and seemingly no embarrassment.

Not content with already getting more than your fair share, faced with prospect of an equitable distribution of government education funding, you are seeking other ways to keep your staff dining room facilities from being cut back, or say, a halving in the number of football fields.

While I have tried to stay away from general politics in this blog, there is so much irrational thought and pure fantasy in your proposal that I could not let it pass.

Really? Tax wealthier parents to keep you in the style to which you’ve become accustomed? This is not a reality-based position by any stretch.

Not only are those parents already subsidising your grandiose vision and lifestyle, but they are subsidising your religious agenda too. Now you want more.

Lest you question my motives, I no longer have kids at school, and do not object to the wealthier citizens paying more for public services. I simply object to the additional funds going to your little fantasy. To be wanting more of this social pie in this way is just sheer greed, and presents a poor role model for your students. You should be teaching them (by example) the principles of social equity and fair play, not how to make sure they get what they want whatever the means.

In your own manifesto ‘The failure of schools to educate‘, you lament the failure of the system to teach some basic skills, with No. 6 in your list being the ‘The ability to manage financial matters‘. You cite potential problems such as ‘Persistently living beyond their means, over relying on parental assistance…‘ . Apart from the questionable grammar, does the irony of this not strike you? Is not your school, by expecting handouts from the taxpayers, persistently living beyond their means and relying on ‘parental’ assistance?

I can only hope this was a little joke cooked up at the King’s executive staff dining room, between apperitifs and entrees, over which you are now chuckling.

If not, then those tax dollars propping you up and churning out Tim Hawkes clones, are not only being wasted, they are actively damaging society.



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