Climate change for dummies

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A while back I tried to summarise the key factors in climate change science – to try and boil down a pretty complex area into bite-sized chunks. This piece was a summary of a summary by the Australian Academy of Science, which, though excellent, was still too intense for general consumption.

Now I’ve found this video which attempts to do much the same thing, and does it very well. Once you’ve watched this, you should be an instant expert, and also in no doubt about issues as presented by those scientists who work in the relevant fields.



2 thoughts on “Climate change for dummies

    Must See: Science Under Attack « rationalbrain said:
    August 10, 2011 at 9:50 pm

    […] discussion, here’s my attempt at simplifying the discussion. And a nice video on the subject here. There’s also this and this for a bit of fun […]

    […] aspects of science for those who wouldn’t normally get into the detail. An early attempt was Climate Change for Dummies, which tried to present a summary of a summary of the science in such a way that an ordinary person […]

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