Hackers taking a bite out of Apple

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I am prone to having spirited discussions with Apple accolytes regarding the (supposed) benefits of Apple products – you know who you are (DT)!

Yes, I know how smart the equipment looks – whether ipad, Macbook or iPhone, but, to me, that’s where the appeal starts and ends. For any of those devices, I could show you equal or better performance at lower cost.

The appeal of paying (significantly) over the odds to be locked into a platform has never been clear to me. This ‘pay more for less’ mindset has become all-pervasive, and we even have that usually reliable newspaper, The Age, sporting successive articles (or rather advertorials) about how the white iPhone is soon to be available in Australia. Really? OMG! Be still my beating heart, and, where does the queue form?

Don’t get me started.

If you’ve ever tried to get your music off your ipod, if only to back it up, then you know what I mean about lock-in. You need to resort to lots of web-surfing, and installing third party products, the developers of which are often threatened by Apple to cease and desist. And the design ‘feature’ of leaving off a USB connector from the iPad is just plain bloody-minded.

Should I also mention the mine-field that is having multiple ipods using one computer for a repository? It is so easy to screw up music databases that one would think mighty Apple didn’t really give a toss.

The biggest zinger in the accolytes’ arsenal has historically been how their beloved products are immune to viruses or other malicious attacks. This latest article just underlines how this has all been Apple-spin for marketing purposes. Apple computers have always been susceptible to viruses – it’s just that very few of the mischief-makers have bothered – till now. You see, there hasn’t been the immediate impact and payback that hackers seek – no instant gratification. But now, as numbers grow, there’s something in it for them.

As I said, don’t get me started.

And in case you’re itching to flame me over this little anti-Apple spray – please don’t get me wrong. I’m not against the technology as such – it’s nice, it’s shiny, it works, mostly. It’s just not superior.


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