A rationalbrain in the making

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Apropos of nothing, except perhaps to reminisce about the environment in which rational brains can develop and thrive, here is an article written by an old friend and classmate Martin for the Melbourne School of Engineering blog, at Melbourne University, my alma mater as the yanks put it. He wrote the article about a historic little space we carved out for ourselves (not literally), known as the Dungeon.

Basically it was a glorified storage room, sporting an open drain, but was otherwise quite charming. We would sit around a large  table discussing today’s maths problems, and generally marvelling at how Lloyd manage to finish his so quickly. I also spent many happy hours down there defending my heathenistic views from Ross’s born-again ideas. At one point, I remember a gathering around the table comparing our shiny new TI59 programmable calculators, which were the latest thing, and a huge shot across the bows of HP and their revolutionary foray into the world of Reverse Polish Notation. Whatever happened to that? Think Beta video tapes, eight-track sound cartridges, and SQ quadraphonic-encoded LPs. Or just LPs for that matter.

And so it went on.

Martin has cunningly juxtaposed some early class attendance mug-shots with a shot of the group (less a couple of notables, including the above-mentioned Ross) taken at a get-together at my place last January. The shots were taken in 1975 I think (being first year), so are a full 36 years apart.



One thought on “A rationalbrain in the making

    MyBrainHurts said:
    June 24, 2011 at 12:09 pm

    Yikes alright!

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