Conspiracies everywhere

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I don’t know which annoyed me more: Piers Akerman’s editorial here, or the ridiculous comments which followed from his loyal readers.

The former is bad enough: Piers with his mal-adjusted conspiracy circuitry firing relentlessly. This deep-seated phobia of the ABC is difficult to fathom. What is it that he and his Akerlytes are afraid of? Hard questions? Does he not understand that the Greens have been democratically elected? What is this intense hatred all about? That they have ideas and priorities different to his? Get a grip mate.

Clearly, he is afraid of balanced discourse – my comment to his blog was not published. So why the moral outrage regarding lack of balance at the ABC?

Instead, we see this tiresome flood of me-toos parroting the same inanities. And what about all this support for Monckton? Did any of them listen to that interview? Spencer was simply trying to establish Monckton’s credentials to back up his assault on the world of science, and all Monckton could do was offer faux outrage at the line of questioning. It was as if he really was a Lord. Simple evasive techniques to avoid getting to the truth. I don’t blame Spencer one bit for his handling of the interview.

Then again, he does work for the ABC, and is an enthusiast for science. I bet he votes Green. Therefore he must be part of the world conspiracy to deprive Akerman and his Akerlytes of all that they love about this world – fiscal responsibility, exclusion of dissimilar faces, bloated mining companies, and highly concentrated media interests.

But the most moronic thread in the comments was the call to shut down the ABC. One correspondent listed the programmes he wanted to keep, which included the Country Hour (yawn), and Macca on a Sunday morning. The former I can take or leave. The latter IS an abomination, taking okkerism and trivia to new heights, as Macca takes us on a self-indulgent tour of all places dusty. Yes, by all means, let’s keep those gems.

But ditch the ABC? Really? I guess then we could rely on those old favourites for our news and analysis: Current Affair / Today Tonight, and, the Rupert Murdoch press.

That would make you happy, wouldn’t it Piers?




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