Ideology at the expense of health

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If true, this situation is just appalling.

In an earlier post, I talked about the folly of the Catholic church which, when faced with a shortage of priests, would prefer to focus on scripture at the expense of pastoral care. To me, this is really revealing about the motives and mindset of the church – above all, let’s make sure we convert people, regardless of how much help they may need with their actual lives.

And once again, here is an example of that.

A Catholic hospital involved in trials of a new cancer drug has forbidden doctors from providing advice on contraception to participants in the trial, even though it knows that there is the potential for birth defects as a side effect. Holy cow. At least one of the doctors involved has had the decency to speak out.

It seems to me that if the patients have been devout followers of Catholicism, they are likely be in greater need of advice on contraception than others, given the lack of experience in and exposure to the practice. So, the church is putting it’s own flock, and their unborn children, directly in the firing line.

Clearly, pastoral care is but a side-line for the church, and not part of it’s mission on behalf of god. Something to do in between reading out loud from the book of fantasy.

If there was a Jesus who preached about caring for other people then, sadly, his message has been lost in translation.




One thought on “Ideology at the expense of health

    blamer said:
    August 5, 2011 at 12:48 am

    I found it revealing to learn that doctors will advise a woman who they’ve lined up to get their reproductive procedure done in a Catholic hospital (The Mercy in Melbourne) that she shouldn’t let on that it’s being done for birth control. Instead let’s all just pretend it’s for remedial reasons.

    The world gets faster and faster and the Church lags further and further behind.

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