Send in the Elmore clones

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An interesting observation regarding that small but dedicated band of vocal Elmore supporters, each of which has at one time or another taken me to task on my comments on the miracle cure, but have not been willing to provide any backup to their chest-pumping: they all share the same IP address, which resolves to somewhere east of Melbourne or thereabouts.

This in itself is not remarkable – they could just share the same provider (TPG in this case). Or they could share the same workplace. Or the same household. Or the same body. Who knows.

But my feeling is it’s more than coincidence that of only 3 negative (and borderline abusive) comments have been received on this subject, all 3 share the same IP address.  It could of course be that Elmore provides discounted internet services via TPG with every bottle – that would go some way towards explaining the coincidence. But that’s a longshot. (And lest you accuse me of spying on you, be aware that the blogging software I use always reports IP address along with email addresses and facebook links, so the information is freely available).

Robert, Jenny and Barry – I would be happy to learn that this is a huge coincidence – over to you. Since you have all accused me of being part of an anti-Elmore conspiracy, it would be indeed ironic were you to be perpetrating a conspiracy of your own.


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