Elmore Oil – just one more testimonial…

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At the risk of boring readers senseless with the continuing Elmore saga, and given the unpleasant comments from the Elmore-bots, I thought I would just post front and centre a comment from a less-than-gruntled user of Elmore products. It’s a refreshing contrast to the usual suspects, who all seem mysteriously to have the same IP address.

Anyhow, here’s what reader Ann had to say:

“At the outset, I’m not saying that the stuff doesn’t work; but, like Glucosamine, it seems to be supported mainly by testimonials, anecdotes and a s**tload of advertising and media saturation.”

Well, I’ll add that I bought some after the sales job on a shopping network and of course reading as many reviews as I could read before the product ‘sold out’. It did NOTHING for me, or for my mother.

I didn’t spend much on the bargain collection so it was worth the money to keep my ‘vigilant’ side up for the next ‘bargain’ magic product. Something akin the the very expensive new face lotion on the same shopping channel, with testimonials all over the place. This stuff will actually reverse time. We WILL look younger. Of course, it takes a bit longer than the 30 day money back guarantee. So I watched each time and longed for it to be true, wished for it to be true. So I researched the damn stuff. There it was – their trial & very impressive results came from an obsure place in a more obscure country. I emailed these wonderful producers of this stuff and asked about that. Nothing. No reply. So I emailed the shopping channel to pass on my question. Nothing. No reply. So, I phoned the ‘business & producers” – I was told to simply try it for myself. So I asked for a sample. No no no. Buy it and try it. Oh please

In any case, the point is, loads of women were vouching for this product. I’m absolutely certain they were the real deal. Like any face cream – you want it to work badly enough; it’ll work. Like any pain elixer – you want it to work badly enough; it’ll work.

One thing I do know definitely works – my MONEY. And so I’m not parting with it so easily next time.

Thanks very much for this effort. I appreciate it and it confirmed what I know. Big money is made from foolish people.

BTW Calling racist is a cheap shot used in desperation. Quite apparent here because there is absolutely nothing racist. If a clinic, doctor, business or whatever is in a country, western, eastern or on the moon – and the thing is not up to scratch. That’s not racist – it’s just not up to scratch. DESPERATE EXTREME.

PS I am not a relative or friend as the author obviously knows, but I have doubts about the business interest of some here.


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