A motto to live by

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Rationalbrain comes to you today from our new digs near Bad Reichenhall, a small town north of Salzburg.

One of the features of the local town is the art of  ‘Luftlmalerei’, a Bavarian speciality which means ‘open air painting’. The result of this is that many of the older houses have external murals for passers-by to admire. Some are religious messages, some are a description of the business of the owners, as in the case of the shingle maker shown below:

Cute. Blow it up and you’ll see the terrific detail describing the process of making shingles. By the way, there was a shed full of shingles to the left, awaiting orders.

But as if in response to my previous heavy post on the human cost of grand monuments, I subsequently spotted this mural painted on one of the houses, bearing an uplifting message:

The message is: “Enjoy life – it’s later than you think”.

What a terrific antidote to the religious mumbo jumbo which bombards the senses throughout Europe.


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