Another dangerous anti-vaxxer goes into print

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Reasonablehank has written this piece on Stephanie Messenger, who has written an insidious little book entitled ‘Melanie’s Marvellous Measles’.  The summary reads:

“This book takes children aged 4 to 10 years on a journey of discovering about the ineffectiveness of vaccinations, while teaching them to embrace childhood disease, heal if they get a disease, and build their immune systems naturally.”

I understand that Messenger is a grieving mother, having lost a child to what she believes was a reaction to vaccination. And she is not alone in this belief.

However, it is one thing to have the belief that vaccination was the culprit, but quite another to state it as medical fact, and incite others to boycott vaccinations. To do the latter is simply irresponsible, particularly when study after study finds no link between vaccination and serious illness. Yes, there are small risks, but in comparison to the misery which can ravage a community should, for example, measles and mumps kick off again, choosing vaccination is a no-brainer.

What happened to Messenger’s child was sad, but coaxing other parents into leaving their children unvaccinated will amplify that sadness many times.

For those wishing to read further on the whole counter-anti-vaccination scene, have a look at the  Reasonablehank blog.


2 thoughts on “Another dangerous anti-vaxxer goes into print

    @blamer said:
    December 19, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    Teaching the next generation what you know (tick), infotainment (tick), in direct conflict with medical science (oops) and public safety (oh dear) therefore ethically indefensible…

    …self-published (tick)

    MyBrainHurts said:
    December 19, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    Ridiculous & dangerous

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