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Just by coincidence, I came across this video in this article on PZ Myers’ Pharyngula site. It’s Richard Dawkins interviewing Deepak Chopra on quantum physics.

I have mentioned Deepak Chopra as a serial offender in the misappropriation of the word quantum – applying it to all manner of mumbo-jumbo. In this video, he backs off, claiming it’s use is just a metaphor. PZ makes the point that, in the same breath, Chopra then accuses science of misappropriating the word. What a cheek, Deep.

The thing about this video is Chopra’s straight face as he mangles some basic concepts to suit his magical thinking.

And Richard Dawkins can barely contain himself – it’s amusing to watch Dawkins squirm, as he resists the urge to have a crack at Chopra. Enjoy.


2 thoughts on “Speaking of quantum…

    @blamer said:
    January 25, 2012 at 2:23 pm

    So now what Mr Chopra, can’t help yourself I suppose from continuing to bootstrap that popluar buzzword instead of coming up with your own alternative to quantum… ?

    “we must be careful in how we choose to present our ideas, lest they be misunderstood in a way that becomes harmful to others” (Teo 2008)

    Quote sourced from http://t.co/16CITVm7

    Misunderstanding memes: Biography of an unscientific object called “meme” (J. T. Burman, York University) which I recommended reading for its intro and conclusion if nothing else.

    […] OK, now that we’ve covered the basics and the reality of the quantum world, let’s have some fun and discuss some of the really weird stuff. What I mean by ‘weird’ is that quantum effects can be challenging to the imagination – our intuition about how things work doesn’t always give us the right answer. As a result, many of the implications of quantum effects have resulted in ongoing philosophical debates, and unfortunately, opened the door to pseudo-scientists to mis-use the science to con people. Yes, I’m looking at you, Deepak Chopra, you serial quantum-abuser. […]

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