God is a town planner

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It seems that god is now taking on the role of VCAT (the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal), the body which has final word on a range of disputes and government rulings, including town planning. In this article, we see this in action:

A mother and daughter told a court only God had the authority to order them to pull down an illegal extension to their property, but the magistrate took a different view.

In a hearing at Mullumbimby Local Court in northern NSW, Byron Shire Council argued that the downstairs area of the South Golden Beach property was not approved to live in as part of the original development consent and that it should be demolished.

The council’s governance manager, Ralph James, said the property owner had not taken any reasonable steps to get the downstairs development approved or cease use of the area despite several requests over the past two years.

When the matter was heard, the women made a written submission stating they did not have to submit to the jurisdiction of the court or the council because only God had the authority to order them to remove the extension.

The magistrate found against the mother and daughter, fining them a total $6000 and ordering them to pay the council’s professional costs of $3000.

Is there no end to the abilities of this being? And talk about ability to focus on detail!

Sadly, this seems to be another symptom of the nuttiness pervading this part of the country, which also has the honour of being the epicenter of the anti-vaccination movement in this country. I wonder if god was involved in the rejection of vaccinations too?


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