More technology pain foreseen

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More evidence that I’m psychic.

A little while ago I pointed out that reality had caught up with parody – specifically relating to repetitive injuries sustained while operating smart phones and pads and the like. The original parody is here.

Well, here’s yet another real-life piece of news on the same subject. OK, so it’s not my predicted wrist injuries arising from the often flamboyant ‘ipad flick’ – it’s more a back and neck thing from working with stuff on your lap, but it’s the same idea.

Unfortunately there isn’t some outrageously-named institute or journal involved so that may parody looks a bit more clever. Such is life.

I foresee more articles on injuries relating to smartphone use – head and chest trauma due to walking into poles, cars, trams, and other people, as that critical text is being crafted.

Remember, you read it here first.


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