Meet my new Friends

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I’m referring the newly formed group, called Friends of Science in Medicine, which was created in December 2011.

This is a fantastic new development for those interested in reality-based medicine. Their self-proclaimed description is as follows:

Friends of Science in Medicine (FSM) is an association of concerned scientists, clinicians and members of the public who support a rigorous application of the best science to any health-related profession and oppose health education and practice not based on convincing scientific evidence.

We are currently campaigning:

“to reverse the current trend which sees government-funded tertiary institutions offering courses in the health care sciences that are not underpinned by  sound scientific evidence”.

If you’ve been reading any of my previous blogs, you’ll know this is music to my ears.

The executive of the group consists of some of the luminaries of the movement against junk medicine, including Professors John Dwyer and Rob Morrison. Interestingly, also on the executive as CEO is Loretta Marron, of whom I’ve written before, (here, here and here). Between them, John and Loretta have pestered the TGA to clean up its act, and must take some of the responsibility as the organisation moves to do just that.

The website is already a great single point of access for most of the stuff I discuss on rationalbrain, and so I’m sure you’ll see it quoted regularly. This is especially the case with the ‘breaking news‘ page, which seems to be up to the minute.

The number of ‘friends’ affiliated with the group is growing rapidly, with both individuals and organisations joining.

Something like this is long overdue in Australia, and so naturally I wish them every success in combatting the numb-skullery that is complementary and alternative medicine.




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