I choose to deny the ‘Undeniable’

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This is the rationalbrain easter message.

It seems that someone has got their knickers in a knot about the forthcoming Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne, and has decided to organise a response called Undeniable. Their anger is palpable. The organiser says:

The Global Atheist Convention is coming to Melbourne in less than two weeks. They will be mocking our God. I don’t know about you, but I’m not OK with this!

OK, calm down. Take a valium. ‘Mocking your god’ is taking it a bit far. Take a look at the GAC site – the title is ‘A celebration of reason’. That’s what will be going on. These people simply seek to congregate in peace to share their stories of the wonders of Reality, and celebrate the Reason which (most) of our species enjoys. There is a little whiff of persecution here.


….twelve days ago the Lord stirred my heart to put on an event in response to the Global Atheist Convention. It will be on Sunday 15th April at 7:30pm at Federation Square (the Main Stage). Ben Price, Australia’s best impersonator has agreed to do his comedy routine but primarily to present his own unashamed testimony of faith in God.

So the Lord is now an events organiser.  And Ben Price? Who the hell is he. As a lifelong resident of Melbourne, and of course annual attendance at the Comedy Festival, not to mention watching all the usual TV shows that feature comedians, I  have never heard of Ben Price. Perhaps he’s such a good impersonator, that I think he’s someone else. Anyway, great coup that.

But I’m being unkind, just focusing on Ben. Of course, they also have:

… an ex-Marxist/Atheist who is now the pastor of a large and vibrant church in Melbourne. We also have an ex-drug runner for a renowned Australian drug lord who is helping co-ordinate a large part of this event. And we have ‘Compliments of Gus’ performing, one of Australia’s premier Christian bands.

Oooh. That makes it much more attractive. I’m sure to be hearing lots of interesting speeches at the event.

Even better, there will be glow sticks! And of course, they need more assistance to get this up:

PRAY!! Pray for heaps of non-Christians to come and hear the gospel. Pray for God’s people to unite with one voice in our city at this crucial time! Pray for good weather!!!

Seems like the lord has plenty of work to do, especially at a time he has his/her hands full smiting those heathens at the GAC.

The writer finishes with the usual irrational appeals and fighting words:

Bless you Church! We are one body. And we serve a very great King!! Let’s make history. Let’s tell the world that the atheists can’t have our city. Not on our watch!

Well Kirsten, who the hell gave you the city? It’s simply not your city. Really! It’s just another delusion you have. Please avail yourself of some reality.  As I said in your comments section, once in a blue moon atheists want to get to together to talk about the real world and the denial of it by others, and you have to get in on the act. You congregate at least once a week anyway, plus easter, plus christmas and who knows what other days. You play your fantasy roles full-time.

This is the very religious entitlement that atheists carp about in the first place. You want the world all to yourself, so you can revel in your joint delusion.

Come to think of it, there might actually be a little mocking. Sorry. But only to the extent that your god, and more specifically, your belief in him/her, defies all reason. That just invites mockery.


One thought on “I choose to deny the ‘Undeniable’

    @blamer said:
    April 10, 2012 at 11:27 am

    Religious groups are so used to their “us vs them” mindset that they cannot see the delicious ironies: we’re all shining a light on monotheism, but this time their chuch is fighting nonfire with fire.

    That gospel hysteria speaks volumes about the God they have in mind. Their king that they see as ruling over us non-churchgoing citizens.Therein lies the problem.

    Me thinks these churchy anti-atheists doth protest too much.

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