Evolution deniers: look away now

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This is one of the best little videos I’ve seen for clearly explaining concepts of evolution, while at the same time demolishing the lame and desperate arguments of creationists.

Creationists’ original argument was that evolution just doesn’t happen – that there are ‘kinds’ of living creatures, with the definition of ‘kind’ being that they are able to inter-breed. But faced with overwhelming evidence, they have now been forced to acknowledge that creatures of certain ‘kinds’ do change over time, primarily to make their kind ‘stronger’. Unfortunately for these poor folk, there is also now ample evidence that creatures within a ‘kind’ can change to the point where they can no longer inter-breed with others of their kind, thus completely demolishing their original definition, and hence stuffing up their neat little bible story.

In the end, creationists have had to invoke so many twists and turns in their view of the world, that their argument has become almost indistinguishable from evolution – as this video clearly demonstrates. Enjoy.



One thought on “Evolution deniers: look away now

    @blamer said:
    May 4, 2012 at 10:06 am

    Oh yes the all important non-contemporary non-academic non-consensus.

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