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Thanks to all the MyTK people for inflating my site stats enormously, although still not into the stratospheric heights of a PZ Myers – who, by the way, has now done a piece on MyTK thanks to a tip-off from an un-named source.

It’s interesting to contrast the comments on his piece to those on mine. It’s kind of like comparing a mensa meeting to an overcrowded primate cage at the zoo, but then again, that just my skeptical bias showing through again.

I must say, I did feel for the plight of one correspondent, Viktor, who is quite passionate about his abilities and engaged in a fairly constructive way. He described the difficulty in getting even to first base with the Randi challenge. My guess is that the JREF has been so burnt by the gazillions of phoneys out there, that they are very wary of walk-ins claiming paranormal powers.

In fact, the JREF changed their rules some time ago I believe, making it a pre-requisite that applications already have some sort of media profile – that is, you need to be out there impressing the general public first -sort of a pre-qualification. Viktor claimed to have difficulty doing this as well. So I guess if one really did have powers, it might be tough to actually get it out there. While I admire the passion however, I still think it’s trickery and/or delusion. Most of the links provided as ‘evidence’ are really just parlour tricks which I could replicate  myself.

Anyway, I’ve enjoyed the banter, and look forward to the MyTK fraternity taking on PZ’s Pharyngula readers.


One thought on “MyTelekinesis update

    Of Time and Telekinesis « rationalbrain said:
    May 30, 2012 at 1:49 pm

    […] article, and the followups (here, here and here), are easily the most commented on articles, so passions have certainly been aroused. The […]

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