Fear vs Hope – Of doomsayers and atheists

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There is no better way to promote the achievements of mankind than to contrast them with his reluctance to let go of magical thinking.

Below we have such a contrast.

First take a look at yet another doomsayer here, who tells us that the world will end on the 27th May – yes, this Sunday!  Actually, the world will end in the US on the 27th, we here in Oz will have more time I guess. If you browse this site and take it all in, you get this sense of despair mixed with the pointlessness of existence.  It’s amazing how some people give themselves over to unseen scary things and superstition. Interestingly the guy is selling books, but obviously you will need to be a snappy reader to get through them before Sunday.

Anyway, in complete contrast, we have the contribution by TheThinkingAtheist, which highlights mankind’s achievements in a nice 5 minute video, leaving you with pride and hope, instead of fear and despair.

On which side of the spectrum are you?


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