Central State and The Age – I’m really spooked now

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Just what this video was doing on the Melbourne Age website I have no idea. They’ve started this ‘Age.TV’ section, and I suppose they have to publish something.  And I’m sure the quality of the content can only improve after the planned sacking of 1900 staff.

It’s a ‘documentary’ about ghost hunting, set in a disused mental institution called Central State, which apparently closed in 1994, and of course is full of tortured souls.

I really hope I’ve missed the point of this movie – that it’s satire. But I don’t think so. It’s just another execrable piece of self-delusion by people who really want to believe in ghosts. Naturally these people are easy fodder for film-makers who want to cash in on their fantasy.

Yes, it’s another bunch of people who’ve drunk the kool-aid of the paranormal, much like our friends at MyTelekinesis. (Hi guys, where ya bin? It’s awfully quiet when you’re not around. I know, too busy moving stuff around by thinking about it, right?)

I thought we were done with this sort of thing. Dimly lit scenes, inexplicable sounds, ghostly images in the lens, and ‘experts’ who can feel the energy of those poor, tortured souls.

Please don’t bother watching the whole thing. Just skip through randomly. I guarantee that every frame you randomly select will contain the same crap.

In fact, just watch the first few minutes to get the flavour. You will be greeted with the horrifying footage of a ghostly visage in one of the windows, which sends our intrepid film crew into a frenzy. No matter that this ghostly visage clearly looks like a knotted up bed sheet.

What follows is an exploration of the building, in which there’s never enough light. Funny about that. A couple of generators would fix that, but somehow no-one thinks of it. So we have a bunch of brainless twits following each-other through tunnels, bullshit-detecting equipment flashing away, sampling synth stuck on ‘Ghosties’,  mouthing inanities like  ‘yeah, definitely a totally different energy in here’ and ‘there’s something here’. Well, duh. My guess would be half a dozen or so morons. But there I go being all skeptical again.

Really people, can’t we move on from ghosts, holy or otherwise?

And if this is the type of content which The Melbourne Age will have behind it’s shiny new pay-wall, then their new business model will be a bigger disaster than everyone is predicting. I think in future I’ll be getting my news and analysis from The Conversation, unless a mining magnate buys that as well.


2 thoughts on “Central State and The Age – I’m really spooked now

    Dan Rea said:
    June 25, 2012 at 10:54 am

    Geez, how do you find this stuff? Yet another ‘accurate account’ of real events acting as undeniable proof of supernatural events. Who you gonna call? I wish I wasn’t such a critical thinker; this stuff must be so much fun if only I lacked a bullshit-filter.

    I told you I’m done with essay-length posts. Now I’m moving onto posting links to entire books!

    Carl Sagan’s ‘Daemon Haunted World’ is a great read for those who can’t figure out why people love spooky mysteries regardless of how unlikely they are. I can’t summarise the whole book here but if you’re a fan of rationalism then this book is a very cool read and is also quite funny and entertaining too. It finds commonalities between UFO nonsense, quackery, religions, spirits (nuttiness in general)… It just seems really relevant to this post.

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