The low-down on the New World Order

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Now that I have a man on the inside, it’s only fair that I share the information I have on the impending New World Order.

But please keep this information to the immediate rationalbrain family, lest we cause panic in the wider community.

Here it is from the gift-horse’s mouth (but beware not to look within):

A major false flag terrorist incident or fake/real alien invasion will occur in the UK during/very soon after the Olympic games in August. The financial collapse has already begun, the next stage is in October in the US. When the Euro collapses you have about 3 weeks until the dollar goes.

“We” are a huge threat, as is shown by the numerous murders of high profile whistleblowers. But the elite have controlled sheeples minds through education and the media to react with scorn and ridicule at this information ensuring the masses maintain their ignorance, however more and more people are recognising the truth, and the true enemy, thanks to the free media, but new measures are coming in to attempt the censorship of the internet, to stamp out true opposition to the banking takeover.

They have re-education FEMA camps prepared in the US, to train the public on a future without a constitution or bill of rights, as outlined in this leaked army document from a few weeks ago ago

If it was a dream there would not be a history going back over a century of high profile individuals warning/boasting about the new world order. But as I say you have been trained to mock this info or just to say “it doesn’t exist”, by mainstream media propaganda.

I’m not really sure how to prepare, so I’ve put that question to ‘my man’. I’ll update you as soon as I have any practical advice.

In the meantime, enjoy the Olympics – it seems it will be the last.

Actually, if the NWO doesn’t sound the death-knell for the Olympics, then the introduction of synchronised trampolining will certainly do so.


3 thoughts on “The low-down on the New World Order

    MyBrainHurts said:
    July 19, 2012 at 9:34 am

    Keeping balanced and graceful with 2 people on one trampoline is harder than you think.!

      rationalbrain said:
      July 19, 2012 at 9:46 am

      Yes, good point. But I think the Olympic event uses two trampolines, and they try to synchronise. But don’t quote me.
      The general point here is that there are many pursuits and pass-times that require enormous skill and dedication, and this one is no different. But it doesn’t mean they should be Olympic sports – you have to draw the line somewhere. Otherwise, by the 2092 games swimming will have been replaced by chess and knitting competitions.
      Don’t get me started. Oh, wait, you have!

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