Star Trek continues… no, really!

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If you’re not a nerd, look away now – I’m going to talk about Star Trek, and in particular a new offering for Trekkers (and Trekkies).

For the uninitiated, the ST media universe is now very extensive.

We started with the original and best, Star Trek in the late 60s. This was followed up by ST Next Generation, which was also outstanding.

We then had a bunch of movies, featuring the original cast – which were mostly forgettable (the movies, not the cast), except for #2 of 5, which re-visited the Khan story.

Then we saw ST Deep Space Nine (passable) and ST Voyager (ok), set in the post-Next Generation era.

In an interesting twist, this was all followed by Enterprise – which was a sort of prequel to the original series, starring Scott Bakula. In this one we saw the technology and uniforms wound backwards, and saw the actual development of things like the transporter. Interesting.

And now? Why am I telling you this?

Now, we have Star Trek.. Continues.

Someone has decided to re-make the original series. When I say someone, I mean a bunch of enthusiastic amateurs, who have recreated the whole look and feel of the show. It seems to the brain-child of a guy call Vic Mignogna, who stars as Kirk, and does a great job of it. He also wrote the story, directed, edited, wrote some additional original music, and even has a carpentry credit! Very keen.

But the result is fantastic. And they’ve made episode 1 available freely on the internet. The story is quite good – a continuation of one of the really good episodes ‘Who Mourns for Adonis’. They even got the same actor who played Apollo on the original episode to reprise his role.

You can watch the whole episode below, but here are some of my highlights:

  • There are the usual cheesy matte effects as the Enterprise moves around planets
  • They unveil a proto-type holodeck, which really didn’t feature until Next Generation
  • All the original sounds effect, music and sets are there.
  • Vic Mignogna does a great Kirk – see mannerisms at 10:18
  • Grant Imahara from Mythbusters plays Sulu, but unfortunately he’s a crap actor – see his scene at 9:00
  • The voice of the computer was provided by Marina Sirtis, who starred as Deanna Troi in Next Generation. Incidentally, the voice in the original (and Next Generation) was provided by Majel Barret, wife of creator Gene Roddenberry.
  • At 11:20 we have an eye-popping introduction to the character Dr Elise McKennah, reminiscent of similar scenes in the original.
  • We have fake ad-breaks, providing the opportunity for those dramatic stings of music to build suspense.
  • A red-shirt dies (wouldn’t be ST TOS without this, would it?) and, last but not least,
  • Kirk gets his shirt off – see 27:45, ladies.

Anyway, enjoy!


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