Month: December 2013

More blood on Oprah’s hands

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It seems to have been ages since this post, and this… in which the link between Oprah’s obsession with new age nonsense in ‘the Secret’ and smooth talking con artists pushing self-help solutions clearly resulted in a preventable death.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped, and here another example – 3 deaths caused by some idiot pushing the really deep idea that ‘thoughts, feelings and actions need to be firing simultaneously in the same direction’. Oh what a lot of drivel. Just wish for it, and so it will be. It’s the Secret all over.

This piece of video focuses one of the deceased. It’s both heartbreaking and infuriating.

Good work again Oprah.

Unfortunately, none of your charitable works brings back the dead, or in any way makes up for facilitating con artists to find their marks.