Evolution deniers: look away now

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This is one of the best little videos I’ve seen for clearly explaining concepts of evolution, while at the same time demolishing the lame and desperate arguments of creationists.

Creationists’ original argument was that evolution just doesn’t happen – that there are ‘kinds’ of living creatures, with the definition of ‘kind’ being that they are able to inter-breed. But faced with overwhelming evidence, they have now been forced to acknowledge that creatures of certain ‘kinds’ do change over time, primarily to make their kind ‘stronger’. Unfortunately for these poor folk, there is also now ample evidence that creatures within a ‘kind’ can change to the point where they can no longer inter-breed with others of their kind, thus completely demolishing their original definition, and hence stuffing up their neat little bible story.

In the end, creationists have had to invoke so many twists and turns in their view of the world, that their argument has become almost indistinguishable from evolution – as this video clearly demonstrates. Enjoy.



The evolutionary basis of restaurant seating

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You read it here first.

After years of dedicated research, I can now announce some preliminary results, and offer a hypothesis for others to review and test.

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Evolution for dummies

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One of my aims on this blog is to try to present a little science in digestible form. For example, a while back I tried to summarise the key points in the science behind climate change, in an effort to combat the climate deniers out there.

Evolution is another of those topics on which the science is clear and extensive, but we still hear all about how it’s ‘just a theory’. You can read all about it in a very entertaining form in Richard Dawkins’ “The Greatest Show on Earth’. Or you can watch this young lady, who has done a nice job of packaging up the key issues. Enjoy.

Pizza speaks: Observations on the species Homo Sapiens

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My sometime correspondent Pizza has been at it again, pondering our species, and has presented this short essay for your reading pleasure. He gives us an insight into the motivations for our various tribal behaviours, such as belief systems and war, by explaining their purpose in our evolutionary past.  I would be interested to hear any thoughts readers have on the subject. Enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

Speaking of Tiktaalik…

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A couple of posts ago (see here), I mentioned the amazing Tiktaalik – a beautiful example of evolution at work – a transitional fossil, lying between fish and tetrapods, and which was actually predicted to exist in advance of its discovery. It seems they were activists…