A reality check please

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It’s nice to see the steady tick of the page views at rationalbrain, which encourages me to keep my little experiment going.

Some have expressed personally that they like the blog (thanks Mary D!), but I hope it’s not just the two of us.

I would really appreciate some feedback on what readers are thinking – good, bad or indifferent. Also, ideas for what areas or subjects you might like to read about – as long as it’s related to the mission of the blog.

One way of registering approval is to click on the comment link to an article, and you will find a ‘Like’ button. Otherwise, a comment would be good.

Please remember, I welcome vigorous comment or disagreement, as long as it’s civil.



Here we go!

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Welcome. This is the first post from the rationalbrain.

Rationalbrain is dedicated to discourse in the areas of rational and free thinking, and the associated concepts of discovery leading to knowledge.

Should be done in a half a dozen posts or so.